Notice of Appointment as Director

Kotaro Shinada has been appointed as the director of this brand.

[Comment from the person]

As I have already announced in person and on SNS, I have officially been appointed as the director of the fashion brand cravatta by renacnatta.

This brand is the predecessor of renacnatta , represented by Aika Okochi, and is a fashion accessory brand with the main theme of upcycling kimonos.

And Cravatta, which is also named in the brand name, means a necktie in Italian. One by one, the necktie, which is made by dismantling and remaking the carefully selected old kimono, is the main item and the face of the brand.

Due to my previous job, I didn't make it public, but I was originally involved in the brand launch stage, and I was impressed by the renacnatta brand that Mr. It all started when I offered a settepiege project.
And this time, once again, I will officially dedicate my thoughts and strength as a brand director.

In recent years, as globalization progresses, my interest in Japanese culture has grown stronger. I was thinking.
In the last 100 years, the kimono culture as a casual wear has disappeared due to the westernization, but even now, kimono and ukiyo-e are the images of Japan that are attracting attention from overseas. Certainly, looking at past materials, there are many very stylish and elaborate kimonos and handicrafts. It's like a haute couture brand product.

However, the value of kimonos has fallen since they no longer fit the lifestyle, and most of them are produced for tourism purposes. That's when I came up with the idea of ​​ties made from recycled old clothes. When you look at the various old kimonos used in the production process, you can get a glimpse of how the Japanese people at the time were very expressive and tolerant of their clothing, as each period and production area had its own characteristics. Yes, they enjoyed dressing up just like we do today.

I want this to be an opportunity to take in more kimono and become interested in "Japanese culture".
Cravatta by renacnatta items may not be cheap. There may be resistance to incorporating it into everyday wear. But what about the outfits for special occasions, celebrations, and other important occasions? I think that modern accessories (ties and accessories) are individuality that expresses yourself.
It would be nice to have a day where you can "wrap in Japanese culture", just as you put your hands together to pray for the gods, buddhas and ancestors.

While thinking about such things, I hope that I can contribute to the future of Japan, even if only from my heart.

This concludes my inaugural greetings. Thank you for reading this far.

We look forward to your continued patronage of cravatta by renacnatta.


View of the Four Seasons of Edo, Sumida River in the Snow Classics (rare books, etc.)/Nishiki-e Hiroshige (Maruya Jinpachi)


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