cravatta by renacnatta is a fashion accessory brand with the theme of upcycling kimonos.

The good thing about kimono is that if you untie the thread, it will return to the shape of the cloth.
Currently, it is said that more than 500,000 tons of clothing is discarded in Japan each year , but in the past, Japanese people used their clothing carefully until the very end. If it becomes unwearable, it will be remade, and if the fabric itself becomes tattered, it will be used as a rug or accessory, and finally used as a dust cloth. We aim to propose the "culture of circulation" that has been rooted in Japan for a long time in a form that fits the modern lifestyle.

In the past, it was common to “down-cycle” kimonos to use them carefully until the end by changing the shape from a kimono to something of low value, but we are “up-cycling” to add more value and reborn. I will make suggestions.

There was a time when people used to wear kimonos as casual clothes, just like we enjoy various fashions today. Nowadays, when we think of kimono, we usually think of Japanese patterns, but the kimonos that were born in the days when they were considered casual clothes are so rich in designs that it would be a shame to call them “wa”.
We hope that these playful kimonos that were made a while ago will add the essence to the clothing of everyone living in the present age.

Commitment to sette piege

The production process begins with carefully untying each piece of kimono, washing it, and ironing it to return it to its original state. Settepieghe ties are mostly sewn by hand. The amount of fabric required is more than double that of a normal necktie, so only one necktie can be removed from one kimono. So everything is 1 point. Settepieghe is Italian for the number 7 (Sette) and crease (Pieghe), and literally refers to a seven-fold necktie. It is a classical technique that is said to be close to the origin of the necktie. In the past, good interlining was not available, and sewing techniques were used to make up for the lack of shape. However, with the advancement of technology in recent years, new materials have been introduced. As a result, the production of sette piege has been shrinking year by year, and there are only a few manufacturers in the world who protect the technology.

Sette piege ties that do not use interlining or lining are characterized by their soft texture and style. Since it is designed to take advantage of the texture of the fabric, you can enjoy the supple kimono fabric as it is.
The cravatta by renacnatta necktie can be enjoyed not only as an authentic look, but also as a “removal” from your usual outfit.