New Release

Leather Bracelet

The business card holder, which was pre-sold through crowdfunding and was well received, is now available in the online shop for the first time. This is an upcycle business card holder that combines kimono with dead stock leather that has been sleeping in tanners in Japan. This time it will be all 1 points.

Sales start from 4/8 SAT 10:00.

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株式会社Dodici代表の大河内です。 元旦の昨日、石川県能登地方を震源とする大きな地震・津波被害が起きました。この度の被災された方々に、心からお見舞い申し上げます。 この事態を受け、弊社では今月中の売り上げの一部(25%)を寄付させていただくことにしました。 寄付先はネット募金サービス「Y...

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The production process begins by carefully untying the kimono one by one,
It starts with washing and ironing to return the fabric to its original state.

Playful kimonos made a while ago,
I hope it will give the essence to the attire of everyone living in the present age.

Sette Pieghe

The necktie adopts a classic hand-stitched sewing, which is said to be close to the origin of the necktie.

The sette piege necktie, which has tension by folding it in seven and does not use interlining or lining, is characterized by its soft texture and dignity.

Since it is designed to take advantage of the texture of the fabric, you can enjoy the supple kimono fabric as it is.