Introduction of new product "Card Case"

A new business card holder will be on sale from 10:00 on 4/8 SAT this month .

This business card holder is carefully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Japan using dead stock leather that has been sleeping in a Japanese tannery factory. When opened, you can see the chic kimono fabric inside.

Many people purchased it at the pre-sale at Makuake.

Not only the material, but also the tailoring and function are carefully made.

- wind harp gusset

"Fukin gusset" is a traditional technique unique to Japan that is not seen overseas, and although it has a gusset, it has almost no thickness , and its greatest feature is its excellent usability . Despite its thinness, it can hold more than 20 thick business cards.

Common gussets are valley folds, but Fukin gussets are mountain folds. Since the card inside is not caught, it can be taken out smoothly.

In order to create a Fukin gusset, the leather must be plowed (a process that thins only where the leather is laminated together) and cut precisely, which requires advanced technology and time and effort. Therefore, in today's mainstream of mass production and mass consumption, there are only a few workshops that have passed down the techniques .

- Kikuyose

"Kikuyose" is used to process the edges of the leather. It is a technique that folds finely and evenly on the excess part of the leather that is aligned with the right angle of the edge . It is called Kikuyose because the radial folds look like chrysanthemum flowers.

It is said that you can see the skill of the craftsman by looking at the kikuyose. In this product, the chrysanthemum part is also finely and carefully carved and finished beautifully.

- Nenbiki

Also, in the finishing process, we do "Nenbiki" . By drawing a line with a heat-dissipating trowel a few millimeters from the tip of the edge, the adhesiveness of the edge is enhanced, and at the same time, the sharp line running right next to the stitching gives a sharper look to the leather item.

And the inside is wrapped in a unique kimono fabric. The gorgeous kimono fabric stands out because it is not visible from the outside.

It is a business card case with beautiful and functional Japanese handicrafts in a small item.

I would be happy if many people could pick it up.