TIE YOUR TIE collaboration tie sales start

"TIE YOUR TIE" is a famous brand from Florence, Italy that everyone who loves neckties knows.

A collaboration between cravatta by renacnatta and TIE YOUR TIE that started last year. Online sales will start from 10:00 on Saturday, February 4th.


Originally it was a select shop opened in Florence in 1984 by Mr. Franco Minucci, who was said to be the most stylish person in Italy. The original necktie (seven-fold settepiege) that was handled there became a very popular product, and the necktie brand became known not only in Japan but around the world.

It is a brand loved by gentlemen all over the world in all ages.

<Mr. Franco Minucci. Photo courtesy of TIE YOUR TIE

About this item

We will develop Cinque epiege (five-fold tie) that combines our brand's kimono fabric and dead stock fabric sleeping in the warehouse of TIE YOUR TIE for the outer material and lining. Carefully sewn by Italian craftsmen at the Thai Yua Thai factory in Italy.

The necktie on the left is TIE YOUR TIE on the front and our brand on the back. The tie on the right is our brand on the front and TIE YOUR TIE on the back. We also offer a variety of fabric combinations.

The fabric that was sleeping in Japan and Italy meets and is reborn as a necktie.

19,800yen (tax included)