cravatta by renacnatta

Bow Tie


A bow tie made by untying a kimono that can no longer be worn.
The small pointed finish gives the styling an elegant and gorgeous impression.

Strap length is adjustable.

Material: Silk Size: Approx. 12 x 5 cm
Country of Origin: Japan

■Actual colors may differ from posted photos due to monitor settings.
■It may differ from the image due to the cutting of the fabric.
■Depending on the fabric, wrinkles are likely to form, and creases may appear when folded. Please check the quality label on the product tag before ironing.
■Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent shrinkage, shape loss, and color fading of the fabric.
Unless the product is defective, we generally do not accept returns or exchanges. For details, please refer to the notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions .

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