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Cravatta Cinque Pieghe Collaboration with Tie Your Tie


【One point thing】
This is a collaboration item with the brand "TIE YOUR TIE" from Florence, Italy.

This is a Cinque epiege (five-fold necktie) that combines our brand's kimono fabric and deadstock fabric that sleeps in TIE YOUR TIE's warehouse for the outer material and lining. Carefully sewn by Italian craftsmen at the Tie Your Tie factory in Italy.

Fabrics that had been dormant in Japan and Italy came together and were reborn into a single necktie.

Table→ italian fabric
Back → kimono fabric

Material: Silk
Size: Total length approx. 150cm, large sword approx. 8cm
Country of origin: Italy

About slack thread
The thread sticking out from the back of the necktie is called slack thread, which is the excess thread that sews the back of the hand-stitched necktie together.
It is said to be a sign of a high-quality handmade tie, so please rest assured that it is not defective.

By leaving some room at the end of the sewing thread, it will move when tying the tie and prevent damage to the sewing thread and fabric.
Please do not cut any loose threads as this will cause the tie to disintegrate.

■Due to monitor settings, the actual color may differ from the published photo.
■Depending on the fabric, it wrinkles easily and may have strong folding or folding wrinkles. Please check the quality label on the product tag before ironing.
■Dry cleaning is recommended to prevent the fabric from shrinking, losing its shape, and discoloring.
Generally, we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective. For details, please see the description based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law .

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