Makuake Mirai Marche 2022 exhibition / stage decision

We have decided to exhibit at Makuake Mirai Marche ( sponsored by Makuake ) for two days on 9/17 (Sat) and 9/18 (Sun).

Leather items currently being crowdfunded
·Clutch bag
·business card holder
・We will have a key holder <br> on display, so you can actually pick it up.
If you are wondering which item and color to choose, please take a look at this opportunity.
Also, even if you have already purchased it, you can change the color after seeing it, so please feel free to visit us. (If you want to change the color, please contact us from Makuake's message function.)

Furthermore, during
・Pocket handkerchief
・Belt ・Tie
・We also sell bow ties .
Please note that we will be handling a small amount due to the size of the booth.

Representative Okochi will also be on stage during the event. Below is an overview.

"Let's start sustainable from shopping ~ the forefront of sustainable fashion ~"

Content: "SDGs", international goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015 for "realization of a sustainable, diverse and inclusive society".
Items that a company should incorporate in manufacturing, such as "Let's create a foundation for industry and technological innovation", "Responsible production and consumption", and "Protect the richness of the land", are also set. It is also an important indicator when choosing This time, we invite an expert who is familiar with SDGs trends and a person in charge of sustainable brands to delve into the essence and future of sustainable manufacturing.


Yoshito Fukai: KAPOK JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Aika Okouchi: Dodici Co., Ltd.
Kana Bogaki: Founder/Director (Moderator) of Makuake Co., Ltd.

Date: 9/18 (Sun) 15:30-16:30

Location: WITH HARAJUKU REFORK (small hall)

Participation fee: Free

Reservation from <here>

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Advance reservations are basically required, but if tickets are sold out, you can enter even if you come on the day. (Priority entry for ticket holders.)
We look forward to welcome you.