Pre-sale of leather items started @ Makuake

It is the announcement of the brand's first trial leather item. We will deliver small items that combine deadstock leather with "kimono" that can no longer be worn and traditional crafts "Kinsai".

Makuake releases business card holders, clutch bags, bracelets, and key chains. Makuake will be held from 8/4 (Thursday) to 9/29 (Thursday).

・Business card holder from 17,820 yen
Deadstock leather business card holder, lined with kimono fabric.
The specifications use Japan's unique traditional technology "Fukin gusset". The greatest feature is that it has a gusset but is almost not thick and has excellent usability. "Kikuyose" is used to process the edges of the leather.
It is a technique that folds finely and evenly on the excess part of the leather that is aligned with the right angle of the edge.

・Clutch bag from 39,600 yen
Deadstock leather clutch bag with kimono lining. The strap is removable, so you can change the way you hold it depending on the occasion.
・Bracelet 7,700 yen <br>The leather bracelet is accented with Kyoto's traditional craft "Kinsai". The thin leather is doubled to make your arms look delicate.
・Key holder 4,950 yen <br>The leather key holder is accented with Kyoto's traditional craft "Kinsai".

our mission

The good thing about kimono is that if you untie the thread, it will return to the shape of the cloth.
Currently, it is said that more than 500,000 tons of clothing is discarded in Japan each year, but in the past, Japanese people used their clothing carefully until the very end. If it becomes unwearable, it will be remade, and if the fabric itself becomes tattered, it will be used as a rug or accessory, and finally used as a dust cloth. We aim to propose the "culture of circulation" that has been rooted in Japan for a long time in a form that fits the modern lifestyle.
In the past, it was common to “down-cycle” kimonos to use them carefully until the end by changing the shape from a kimono to something of low value, but we are “up-cycling” to add more value and reborn. I will make suggestions. We will create items that will not feel out of place even if the necktie worn by a gentleman walking gallantly through the streets of Milan is made of kimono fabric.
We aim to become a representative brand that appeals to the world as well as Japan that kimono is a textile that combines high quality and rich creativity that is not bound by "Wa".

About sales

Sales are made to order at Makuake.
Period: 8/4 (Thursday) 12:00 - 9/29 (Thursday) 18:00
(Accessible from 8/4 12:00)